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Best paid movie streaming sites

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Watching movies online is a trend nowadays and people watch them from different sources and even download them for the sake of saving up some money. Most of the free movie streaming sites out there are for good options and features, but again, most of the times, the sites which you use to download movies, you just don’t get to watch your favorite movies as they aren’t available there.

movie website

So, the best option for you to watch movies is by watching them online from the best paid movie streaming sites. You can easily watch movies from these sites just at the condition that you have paid for these sites. So, if you are looking for such sites, here is a list for you:

Watch movies online legelly in 2017-18


There is no better site than Netflix for you to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows which you are willing to watch and along with that, you can even download them. All this can just be done by subscribing to a pan which this site offers and that’s all. You can even watch all them shows in any quality as per the speeds of your internet. So, go ahead and try this site out for sure.

This amazing site allows you to watch the shows and movies for a very less price, like $5 a month or 50$ a year. You will love using this site and along with that, you get to watch your favorite TV shows here for that price. You can even watch these shows on the Amazon Fire TV stick and Apple TVs. You can even watch it on Samsung TVs and other smart TVs which you use. So, it is quite better site and can watch shows without spending much.


Crackle might seem a free site out there, but if you want the best of these services, then you can easily subscribe to the best plans of this site and watch and stream TV shows and movies without any issues and subscribing to any other useless things and services.

Amazon Prime Video

There is another great site for you to watch all your favorite shows and videos along with the new movies and events which are released and that is by the Amazon Prime Video. You will love using this site and its services are truly amazing. You can register for this site and start using it without any issues.


HBONOW is another great site which even though is paid, but still you enjoy most of the services and along with that, all the TV shows and movies which you want to watch, you will get them here. All the movies and shows which are released are available here can be watched for a subscription plan. Go ahead and try it for sure.